Dear Friends and Members,

The year the is going to finish (finally!) has tested in depth the limits of our patience, energy, creativity, and resilience, but it has not stopped us as scholars, students, teachers, members of a society, a family, a community.

Dear colleagues,

You will find here the second circular letter of the next International Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy (August 29 to September 02, 2022). This is the call for papers.
You may also refer to our website, where you will find the programme and related information:

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Dear Friends and Members,

some months ago the AIEGL Bureau received a message from Anthony Birley, saying that, due to serious health problems, he would not be able to be an active member of our association anymore...

Joyce Reynolds will celebrate her 102nd birthday on 18th December, and it is marked by the publication of her corpus of inscriptions from Cyrenaica:

Dear Friends,

I've just been informed that yesterday night Ezio Buchi, emeritus professor of  Latin Epigraphy at the University of Verona, passed away. He used to be a member of our Association until his retirement, some years ago, and has always been a passionate scholar, a very nice person, and a good friend for many of us. I'm lucky enough to have been knowing him personally and to have enjoyed the pleasure of his company, and I'm going to miss both his scholarship and his sweet smile.

Silvia Orlandi

The Journal of Epigraphic Studies 3 (2020) has just been published. Please download the table of contents together with a subscription form below.

Call for Papers and Posters: MAPPOLA Workshop ‘Latin Poetry in the Greek East & Greek Poetry in the Latin West’ (Vienna and online, 25-26 February 2021)

We invite contributions that examine quantitative and qualitative aspects of Roman poetic production, especially in epigraphic forms, whose language use contradicts the common East/West and Greek/Latin narrative.

In the next days (8-12 September 2020), an epigraphic stage will take place in Altinum (Venice), organized by Lorenzo Calvelli, Giovannella Cresci Marrone and Marianna Bressan (see attached programme).

We wish to remind you by the present letter that the call for proposals for themes for parallel sections for the next congress of epigraphy (Bordeaux 2022) remains open until August 30 (see the 1st circular of the congress, attached).

Jean-Louis Ferrary est décédé le 9 août 2020. En lui disparaît prématurément, à la grande tristesse de ses collègues, élèves et amis attachés à cet esprit pénétrant et cette personnalité bienveillante, l’un des plus grands antiquisants contemporains, dont l’œuvre et l’action rayonnent bien au-delà du monde universitaire francophone.

We are very proud to announce the winners of our Géza Alföldy awards.
Amongst a very strong pool of applicants with really interesting proposals, the tres homines praemis dandis grant

the research award to:

Sergio España-Chamorro (Université de Bordeaux-Montaigne)

and the publication award to:

Maria Cristina de la Escosura Balbas (University of Zaragoza)

Chères et chers collègues,

Vous trouverez avec ce courriel la première lettre circulaire du prochain congrès international d’épigraphie grecque et latine, qui se tiendra à Bordeaux du 29 août au 02 septembre 2022.

Une liste proposant des abréviations pour les éditions et ouvrages de référence pour l’épigraphie grecque alphabétique

Liste des abréviations des éditions et ouvrages de référence pour l’épigraphie grecque alphabétique
List of Abbreviations of Editions and Works of Reference for Alphabetic Greek Epigraphy

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing, on May 3rd 2020, of Prof. dr Miroslava Mirković (born 1933 in Kosovska Mitrovica), lecturer and professor at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade since 1957.

Cari colleghi e amici,

siamo spiacenti di dover annunciare che il Convegno Borghesi in memoria di Angela Donati è stato spostato all’anno prossimo (10-12 giugno 2021).

Camilla Campedelli

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
due to the dramatic situation in which we are, the AIEGL Bureau has decided to postpone all the more or less imminent deadlines to June 30th: