CIEGL Seventh circular: congress programme, accommodation and excursions

Dear colleagues,

You will find with this e-mail the seventh circular letter of the next International Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy (August 29 to September 02, 2022). It provides details on registration, accommodation and excursions offered during the congress.

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CIL IX Suppl. 1, 4 erschienen

CIL IX Suppl. 1, 4 ist da! Der Band verzeichnet rund 820 Inschriften aus dem Gebiet der Sabiner (Amiternum, Nursia, Reate ...).
Dank an den Autor, Marco Buonocore, die Redakteurin im CIL, Ulrike Jansen, und das gesamte Team der Arbeitsstelle. Dank auch an den Verlag de Gruyter.

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Epigraphische Herbstakademie

in Rumänien vom 16.–28.10.2022.

Die internationale Akademie richtet sich an Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden sowie Master-Studierende der Alten Geschichte und der benachbarten altertumswissenschaftlichen und historischen Fächer. Sie dient der Vertiefung von Kompetenzen in der griechischen Epigraphik. Neben der Arbeit in Museen und Depots von Bukarest, Histria und Tomis (Constanţa) sind Exkursionen nach Kallatis und zum Tropaium Traiani geplant.


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The Journal of Epigraphic Studies 5 (2022) just published

The Journal of Epigraphic Studies 5 (2022) has just been published. Please download the table of contents together with a subscription form below. AIEGL members benefit now from a 25% discount for subscriptions to JES and from a 10% discount for the purchase of other journals and books published by Fabrizio Serra Editore.

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“L'Africa Romana”, XXII

Convegno internazionale di studi
L’Africa antica dall’età repubblicana ai Giulio-Claudii
Sufetula 15-19 dicembre 2022

Seconda circolare e programma provvisorio

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Prix d’Épigraphie

On the occasion of CIEGL in Bordeaux, AIEGL will award two “Prix d’Épigraphie”, one for a work in the field of Greek epigraphy, and the other for a work in the field of Latin epigraphy. The prizes consist of 2.500 Euros each and are for works almost ready for publication but not yet published, written in one of the official languages of the association. The works may consist in a corpus of inscriptions or in a study primarily focused on epigraphic material; the prizes are intended to support early career scholars who are members of AIEGL.

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Bursary scheme: CIEGL 2022, Bordeaux

The Bureau, in agreement with the Committee, has decided to allocate the sum of 3.000 Euros (usually used for the two Géza Alföldy prizes) to support the participation of six early career scholars who will present a paper or a poster at CIEGL 2022 in Bordeaux.

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Signacula ex aere

La collezione del Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze

19 Maggio 2022
Museo Archeologico Nazionale

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Conferencias con motivo de la publicatión del CIL II2/13,2

Nuevas investigaciones epigráficas en la península ibérica en cooperatión hispano-alemana
16 de junio 2022 en Madrid

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II International Summer School 2022

Epigraphy for the Study of the Latin Language
July 25–29, 2022

The Summer School is especially addressed to BA, MA and PhD students as well as to Post-docs with philological-linguistic interests.

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The winner 2021 of our grant

We are delighted to announce the winner of our grant for Epigraphic Educational and Training Courses and Workshops 2021.

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Falsi e falsari nell’poca di internet

Convegno conclusivo PRIN 2015
False testimonianze. Copie, contraffazioni, manipolazioni e abusi del documento epigrafico antico
Roma, 22–23 aprile 2022

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Instrumenta Inscripta IX

Internationales Kolloquium

Instrumenta Inscripta IX – Schmuck, Dekoration und Etikettierung

23.–25. Mai 2022 in Graz, Österreich

Ort: Festsaal im Meerscheinschlössl
Mozartgasse 3
AT8010 Graz

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Inscriptions grecques et latines de la Syrie (IGLS) online

I am pleased to inform you that the Inscriptions grecques et latines de la Syrie (IGLS) are now available online on the pages of the Persée portal dedicated to the Bibliothèque archéologique et historique of the Institut français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo).

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CARMEN Newsletter #01 January 2022

After several months of preparation, the great involvement of the coordinator Marietta Horster (Mainz) has borne fruit and the colleagues she was able to involve in this beautiful adventure have received a favourable opinion on their grant application: the CARMEN project (Communal Art – Reconceptualising Metrical Epigraphy Network) is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme!

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