Please note that all legal documents are only valid according to the wording of the original French version.

Art. 2 of the statutes: The aim of AIEGL is to promote and encourage the scientific study of Greek and Latin inscriptions. The main business of the Association is

  1. to strengthen links between researchers, and between AIEGL and related associations;
  2. to encourage and promote the organisation of Congresses, colloquia, workshops, seminars and other types of academic meeting;
  3. to contribute and provide scientific support to all regional, national or international initiatives to extend existing corpora, to publish new ones that are of significant interest, and to advance all other tools of research that are of general interest;
  4. to encourage the recovery, protection and display of epigraphic material and its use by researchers and the general public;
  5. to promote the teaching of Greek and Latin epigraphy;
  6. to develop links between research in Greek and Latin epigraphy and the other branches in the study of the ancient world.

The statutes provide information about the structure of AIEGL, the responsibilities of the individual officers and the rights and duties of members. The prescribed procedures for the running of the organisation are to be found in the regulations.

AIEGL publishes an annual report which gives an account of its activities in the previous year. The reports since 2003 are available online.