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Cesare Letta, Tra umano e divino. Forme e limiti del culto degli imperatori nel mondo romano. Presentazione di John Scheid (“La Casa dei Sapienti”, 3), Sarzana-Lugano, Agorà & Co. 2021

The complex mixture of cult practices linked to Roman emperors, usually named ‘imperial cult’, is the most showy and pervasive aspect of the Roman civilization, but it has often been misunderstood: very recently it has even been argued that the living emperor was worshipped as a god across the empire, even in Rome. This book attempts to reduce ambiguity and lay down some firm points, first distinguishing between the state cult (officiated in Rome and the military camps), provincial cults (controlled and partly promoted by Rome and officiated by representatives of the communities of every province gathered in concilia or κοινά), civic cults (left to the local initiative), and private cults, totally free.

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