Nouvelles de l'AIEGL 2011

  • Bureau

    Président: Stephen Mitchell; Vice-président: Manfred Schmidt; Secrétaire générale: Angela Donati; Secrétaire général adjoint: Christian Witschel; Trésorier: Anne Kolb; Vérificateurs aux comptes: Marco Buonocore, Miltos Hatzopoulos.

  • Membres du Comité

    John Bodel, Lásló Borhy, Ségolène Demougin, Jonathan Edmondson, José d’Encarnaçao, Mika Kajava, Manfred Hainzmann, Emilio Marin, Ioan Piso, Jonathan Prag, Athanassios Rizakis, Antonio Caballos Rufino, Marjeta Šašel Kos, Claudio Zaccaria.

Dear AIEGL members,

  • Berlin Congress Bursaries

    I am writing to you with news of the association in the final year before our next Congress, to be held in Berlin 27-31 August 2012. We are now inviting invitations for applications for bursaries, valued at € 500, from scholars who are seeking financial support to enable them to attend the Congress. If you wish to apply for a bursary, please write a letter of application to the Secretary General. This should indicate your current University or academic address (where applicable) and your application should include 1) a short statement of why you wish to attend the Congress, 2) a current cv, 3) the title and abstract of your paper or poster for the Congress, if you are presenting one. Applications should be submitted to the Secretary General by 31 December 2011 and will be evaluated by the Bureau and members of the AIEGL Comité: ti.obinu@itanod.alegna.

  • AIEGL Prizes

    Every five years AIEGL awards a prize of € 2000 to the best monograph-length epigraphic studies by scholars aged under 35. Two prizes will be awarded for Greek and Latin Epigraphy respectively. The prizes may be given either for published books, or for completed dissertations that are being prepared for publication. To be eligible authors must be aged 35 or younger on 31 August 2012, and the work must carry a submission or publication date between 2007 and 2012. We invite nominations either by the authors themselves or by scholars in respect of other people’s work. The prize will be adjudicated by a panel appointed by the AIEGL Buro and Comité, and announced at the Berlin Congress in August 2012. Please send nominations to the Secretary General by 31 January 2012: ti.obinu@itanod.alegna.

  • Membership lists and individual subscriptions

    The membership fee for AIEGL now stands at € 20 per year. If you are not yet a member, please subscribe now. This will enable you to attend the general meeting during the Berlin Congress and to vote in the elections for new officers and Comité members. Your subscriptions fund all our activities. They enable us to provide prizes to younger scholars (see AIEGL prizes), and have made it possible to expand the number and level of awards made or epigraphic workshops (see Premio AIEGL), and we will also be funding scholarships, valued at € 500 to enable especially younger epigraphers to attend and contribute to the Berlin Congress (see Berlin Congress Bursaries). Scholars from France, the United Kingdom and the United States are encouraged to join AIEGL through their membership of their national associations.

    For details about how to make your payment, please see Membership Payment.

  • Premio AIEGL

    We would like to announce a new round of grants to support epigraphic workshops or training schools in 2012. A total of € 2000 will be available, to be allocated in grants of € 500 or, exceptionally, € 1000. You can access the simple application form on the AIEGL web-site (see Prix d'Épigraphie). The closing date for applications is 30 October 2011.

  • Web-Site (

    The web-site has had less usage than we would have liked. We are anxious that members make active use of the site to advertise epigraphic events. All members are encouraged to do so by logging on and posting details of colloquia, publications, etc. on the site themselves. The deputy Secretary General, Prof. Christian Witschel, has taken over the responsibility of checking the content of these notices. Many of you currently send news and notices to Prof. Angela Donati, which are then circulated as e-mail attachments.

  • New Members of the Bureau and Comité

    My 5-year term as AIEGL president, ends at the end of 2012, and Prof. Angela Donati will have completed two terms, ten years, as Secretary-General at the same time. As required by our constitution, all the positions on the Buro and the Comité are due to be filled by election at the general meeting. We invite nominations to fill the positions of President and Secretary-General, and also nominations for the adjunct positions of Vice President (currently Dr Manfred Schmidt) and Vice-Secretary-General (Prof. Christian Witschel). Seven comité members (colleagues Borhy, Caballos, Demougin, Kajava, Marin, Rizakis, and Zaccaria) will have served for two terms and we will seek nominations to replace them, ensuring that newly elected members come from a similar, but of course not necessarily identical, geographical spread and thus the Comité remains as representative of the full membership as possible. Elections will be held at the Berlin Congress, but nominations must be received an announced four months before the Congress, that is by 30 April 2012. Nominations should be signed by the nominee and supported by two nominators who are members of the association. Please send your nominations before the end of April 2012 to ti.obinu@itanod.alegna.

    Stephen Mitchell, President

  • Cotisation et modalités de paiement

    Individual annual membership is 20 Euros.

    Payments by bank transfer are directed as follows:

    Credit Suisse, Rue du Lion d’Or 5-7, CH-1002 Lausanne, Switzerland
    Account No. 318740-41 A.I.E.G.L.
    Clearing No.: 4835
    IBAN: CH84 0483 5031 8740 4100 0

    A standing-order is advisable: order your bank to pay 20 € on a regular yearly basis. Or pay for more than just one year at a time to save bank charges. Kindly make sure AIEGL gets the full amount credited (i.e. 20.00 per year) by instructing your bank to effect payment without any bank charges to AIEGL.

    Credit Card payment is acceptable for 3-year or longer subscriptions.

    VISA or Mastercard are accepted, they charge between 3.5% to 4% commission. To debit your card with the dues we need the following details: card type (Mastercard or VISA), number, expiry date and name as shown on card.
    Card details are best being sent by FAX to: 0041 44 634 36 91.

  • Changements d’adresses

    Il est indispensable que toute addition, correction, intégration ou modifications soit signalée au Secrétariat général, afin que les circulaires ne s’égarent pas. Il est indispensable signaler au Secrétariat général l’adresse du courrier électronique.

  • Addresses des Membres du Bureau

    Président: Stephen MITCHELL
    Vice-président: Manfred SCHMIDT
    Secrétaire général: Angela DONATI
    Secrétaire général adjoint: Christian WITSCHEL
    Trésorier: Anne KOLB